The nature of our lives is flow.

The food passes into our bodies. The food passes out.

We drink water. We pass the water out.

We breathe in air. We breathe out air.

We are impressed by thoughts and emotions. We express thoughts and emotions.

We receive. We give.

Death results when we stop this flow.

Have you ever heard about the tale of the two seas? The Sea of Gallillee and the Dead Sea?

The Sea of Galilee is full of life. Flora and fauna abounds in its shores. Fish and all kinds of sea creatures fill its waters. Birds fly above and find a bounty of food. Animals and men alike bathe in its waters. This sea is alive.

The Dead Sea has its name aptly. No fish or plants can live in its saltiness. The barren banks are rarely visited by birds. Nothing can sink into its depths because of its extreme saltiness. This sea is dead.

Yet the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea both take their waters from the River Jordan. Why then is the Sea of Galilee full of life the Dead Sea devoid of it?

Simply because the Sea of Galilee flows and the Dead Sea does not.

For every drop that the Sea of Galilee receives, it also gives a drop. It does not keep anything to itself. It shares everything that it gets. In doing so, it promotes the freshness and motion that is capable of supporting life.

It knows that life is flow. If you stop the flow, you stop the life.

For every drop that the Dead Sea receives, it keeps. It hoards the waters and does not share anything. It does so until the water of life evaporates and all its left with is saltiness and stagnancy incapable of supporting life.

It does not know about life being flow. Because of this, it is dead.

Are you flowing?

Are we following the nature of our lives in sharing what we have? In giving what we receive? Do we feel alive inside?

Or are we hoarding the things in our lives? We keep receiving and don’t give? Do we feel dead inside?


Follow the flow of life and you feel alive.