Love at First Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do.

I believe in love at first sight. But not with fleshly eyes. Love truly begins when you first see into each other’s souls.

The attraction we feel towards gorgeous looks and fragrant smells does not last. It fades away. The appearance corresponds to the lust of the body, which is a passing thing. Oftentimes this is confused with love.

The true love that lasts is something that is borne out of mutual understanding of each other’s heart and mind.

Here’s a poem that I wrote on this:

Love sees not with eyes
This the men of old realize
That’s why the cupid was blind
He sees with heart and mind

I fell in love with someone whom I know I wasn’t attracted to physically when we met. But when we bore our soul to each other, what happened was the most intense experience of knowing and being known – true love.

Love is fully knowing the other and being fully known by the other.

This goes way beyond just knowing how each other looks like. Going beyond the eyes, see with the heart and the mind.

What do you see? And what does your other see?

The joy of the journey of love is that it is a continuous baring of one’s soul to each other. It is a continual sharing of the joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams, thoughts and emotions, pains and pleasures, life and death.

How much can you be known as you really are? And how much can you know about your other as they really are?

Are you being able to express yourself as you truly are in the presence of your other? Or is there a lot of things that you edit out in order to avoid his or her displeasure?

Do you feel like you are being truly 100% authentic with your other? Or do you feel like there is a certain holding back?

Because loving in its fullest and truest sense is in the acceptance and celebration of the mutual nakedness of each other’s souls.

You see each other as you truly are. You love them as they are. They love you as you are.

So I share this with you so you may ask yourself: Am I really loving and being loved in the fullest way possible?

Are you able to bare your soul? Or do you have to keep an illusion to keep him or her loving you?

Do you see each other’s naked souls? Or are you ashamed of being seen naked and cover up some parts of you?


What do you see?