Ever wondered what the best and most valuable present you can give to a person is? This is what I think:

The best present you can ever give to a person is being present.

Sounds so simple, right?

Yet I think this is one of the things that we take for granted easily. We get so used to the motions of being with people that we don’t really get to relish and be fully present in that moment with them.

Are you really present with the people in your life when you spend time with them?

If you worry about bills to pay, how can you pay attention to the loved one you are with?
If you regret about hurting this person in the past, how can you enjoy the relationship you have now?
If you keep thinking about your test or work you have to do tomorrow, how can you listen to your friend who is baring his or her soul to you?

If your mind is somewhere else, can you really say you are being together with the person you are with?

What is the use of being with another person if you have all these other things in your mind?

So stay in the present moment where you truly belong.

I’m not saying to forget all about our responsibilities and the past, but I’m saying to relish the present moment as it is.

There is a time for those things you need to do, and you should give them that time when you need to. But when you are to spend time with someone you care about, make sure you are fully present with them.

If you can’t put off the things you are worrying about, take care of them first so you can fully be present and totally give yourself to the people you care about.

Awaken your senses to the here and now. Immerse yourself into the present moment.

Give being present as your best present.

At the end of the day, the people who truly care about you want you. They don’t primarily want your money and material gifts. They want your attention, your presence, your being.

So give that to them. It’s something you will always be able to give, if only you awaken yourself to the present moment.

Relish their hugs.
Appreciate their eye contact.
Enjoy being with them.
Listen to their joys and sorrows.
Speak inspiration to their soul.
Eat and drink with them.

Do all of these things with you fully being present with them. You’ll never regret it.


Are you giving your best present?