Why I write

I write. I put symbols on this digital medium to form words that have meaning, and those words put together make meaningful sentences and paragraphs.

There are several reasons why.

1. I need to express myself.

Writing is my way of flowing out the thoughts inside. We are flow. We inspire or breathe in, and we also must expire or breathe out. This is my way of expiration.

When we receive impressions, we must give expressions. Problems happen when we repress or suppress things inside. Life is a flow. Death is stopping this flow. This is my way of flowing.

I don’t presume to be a good writer. Whether I am a good writer or not will be up to the eyes of whoever reads my words. But I simply write to try and express what I perceive, what I sense, what I think, what I feel. I don’t know if my way is a good way or bad way. Hell, I don’t even know where my thoughts come from.

Whether or not people will be able to read my thoughts, I don’t know.
Whether or not people will like my works, I don’t know.
Whether or not my writing will be good, I don’t know.

But what I do know is that I have something to say.
I do know that I need to say that something.
I know I will try to say it.

2. To contribute to the discourse of ideas in existence.

I think. You think. We all think.

All of us have our own ideas and ways of thinking about reality and all things in it. I acknowledge my ideas and know they are part of the many ideas that are interacting with one another and giving birth to new ones every day.

My sharing of my ideas through this medium is a way of sparking other people’s thoughts according to my individual way of thinking that otherwise wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t shared my ideas.

Every act of expressing one’s thought is taking part in the conversation between all the thinkers in existence.

With the advent of literature, one can behold the thoughts of thinker that was once long dead, and critique, converse, and build upon his ideas. Being able to write makes an immense help for man’s memory. He has achieved the continuity of thought that mere oral tradition did not afford him.

With the advent of the internet, one can now even hold discourse with contemporary thinkers that are across the world instantaneously. The rapid exchange and astounding availability of information makes ideas grow so quickly with all these thinkers conversing. Man has achieved a rapidity of thought that was otherwise absent in mere literature.

All men have their own minds. I believe they must insist on their own thought that is original to them. They draw from the thoughts and words of others, but they have the ability and creativity to express that information that only they will be able to do.

This is my own unique part in the discourse.

3. It feels right.

At the end of the day, your purpose is not just something that makes sense, but something that you feel like doing out of the depths of your being.

I feel that way in writing. We have different talents, perspicacities, abilities, quirks, preferences, desires, dreams, reveries, goals, and ambitions.

I believe each of our purpose is not just something head knowledge or borne of rational thought, but something that resounds with your head, heart, gut, and hands. It resounds with your whole being. It makes you come alive. It makes you awake to life.

Again I wish to reiterate what I believe captures the essence of passion and purpose, and how it relates to the world:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman

Going beyond just asking what the world needs, go ask what will make you come alive. Then do it. Because when you come alive, you will serve in the way that is effortless to you, in a way that is natural.

This is me following my heart and intuition. This is me living my life by the call of my soul. This is me doing what makes me come alive.


So I write.