Words are power

Letters put together
Contain much

You can help
lift one up
with just one

You can hurt
bring one down
with just one

Imagine that power
you have over another
especially those close to you
who bare their hearts to you

Immense. Intense.
Feel the gravity
of every word’s

Why say what you don’t mean?
Why mean what you don’t say?

Mean what you say.
Say what you mean.

Be careful using your words
Let your words be a knife
You can use them
to cut one’s bonds
and set them free
You can use them
to cut one’s flesh
and cause them pain

Tread lightly
with your tongue and pen
Like stepping
on very thin


People just like you

Look at all these people in the world.
There are just so many.
Eight billion, roughly. Increasing as we speak.
Wow. Amazing, right?
Each one has a unique story.

Their own individuality.
Their own loved ones.
Their own passions.
Their own needs.
Their own desires.
Their own hopes.
Their own dreams.
Their own fears.
Their own regrets.
Their own thoughts.
Their own feelings.

All of them live and have their own lives, just like you do.
They are people just like you.

Why is it then that we live in this world as if some lives are more important than other lives?