To be free

For you to be free
Brave you have to be
Go live your dreams
Its harder than it seems
But its worth it
So go do it

Time is going tick tack
You can never get it back
If you want to have freedom
Get off your ass and come get some
The road will be long and arduous
But what have you really got to lose

Nobody gets out alive
So either survive or thrive
There will be lots of struggles
And fucking mind-heart boggles

But through it all youll grow great
Looking back you’ll appreciate
The fire that has burned the dross
From your soul of which your now boss
To be a master is not to have control
Of anything or anyone else but your soul

In the end there is only one goal
That’s to become yourself, to become whole

Know who you are
And you will get very far
If you dont do this first
It will produce the worst

You cannot get anywhere
If you dont know why you’re here and there

Life is one big laissez-faire
And can make itself as if unfair
But just stick it all through
And find your true crew

With your own heart as your compass
You will find the path in which you’ll last
To your own self always hold fast
Hold the sails tied to your own mast

Find rest in your own person
Be clear with your own feeling and reason
Be your own best friend
Loyal until the very end

If you want to be free
Brave you must be
Go do what makes you happy
Lead your soul into victory

Take your chance
Live your dance
There will be greatest risk
And also ultimate frisk

To live one’s dream is impossible
Go do it and it becomes “I’m possible!”

To be free
Brave you must be

Do you really want to be free?
Or are you just kidding you and me?


What you need

What you need
Is not your greed

Get out of greed
So your heart is freed

To love and live
To freely give

Without hesitation
With full appreciation

To know what enough is
Is needed to know what love is

Because when you meet only your need
And not your greed

All other people alive
Will have what they need to survive

If we work together and strive
We can all grow and thrive

But first you must know
And away your greed throw

What you really need
And what is just your greed