I am open and empty like a valley
A bottomless abyss this is me

Yet I am full in this emptiness
Can you feel the meaning I express?

I am deep without end this you will see
I am ready to uncover all my mysteries
We are infinities
You and me

My nucks, crannies, and all the things below
The light and the shadow
All the things I know and don’t know
All things inside me I will show

My ignorance I don’t hide I’ll tell you if I don’t know
Join me in this ride and together we will grow

Radical I am in my honesty
In my self-expression I am free

I am naked both figuratively and literally
No shame in me, naked for all the world to see

I am a human being and I am me
I am a human being and I am me



Our greatest bliss is in connecting
We want to feel alive as a part of things
There is no deeper fulfillment that life can bring
Than being alive and enjoying being
The drop of water merges with the ocean
Like particles of water as waves in motion
We want to feel expansive and part of a greater whole
We want our soul to feel connected to the Universe’s soul

To be or not to be yourself

There is no greater joy and pride than to express who you really are for the purpose of life celebration.

There is no greater sorrow and shame than having to hide your true self for fear and insecurity.