You are perfect as you are

This is a message that I have realized from meditation.

This is what I now say to myself and I feel at peace through it.

I want to share these with you all. 

Cheers to loving ourselves.

As you are right now, you don’t need to change a thing.

You are awesome as you are.

Perfectly imperfect, just the way that you are RIGHT NOW.

You don’t need to change anything.

With all your scars, yes! They are beautiful. They are nothing to be ashamed of. To be alive means to be vulnerable. It means you can be hurt. It also you means you can heal. It means you can feel. You are real.

The heart of stone will never bleed, but it has not the beauty of the heart of flesh.

I see you as you – all of you.

Come as you are. I accept you as you are.

You don’t need to please anyone. You don’t need to meet anyone’s expectations.

There is nothing you need to become.

There is nothing you need to achieve.

You are perfectly fine as you are.

You are perfect as you are.

You are loved.

I love you.

Now, if you say that to yourself and really mean it, how does it feel?

For me, it feels awesome.

In this space of love and acceptance, it does not mean complacency, laziness, or idleness. It does not lead to doing nothing at all with one’s life.

It leads rather to the space in which one can express oneself and act in ways that are not forced.

It leads to natural action. It leads to simply being yourself.

There is a sense of peace that is the ground of all action. One can enjoy the journey for the sake of itself and not achieve things to fill a hole inside us.

I wish you all the best in your journeys. I honor you and hope you find deeper peace and contentment in your life.