You are perfect as you are

This is a message that I have realized from meditation.

This is what I now say to myself and I feel at peace through it.

I want to share these with you all. 

Cheers to loving ourselves. Continue reading


In Death is Life

When you really really really know you will die
You can truly live

Create and share to gather your tribe

Something imperfectly created
Is better than
Something perfectly uncreated

Judgment by others
Of your work
Of your person
Of you
Is inevitable

Create and ship it
Show it
Express it
Share it

Bare your heart
Share your art
Create then share
Create then share
Create then share

Sing your song
You won’t be wrong
You won’t regret
When the sun has set

Create something
Then share it
To share your vibe
And gather your tribe

Create and share to gather your tribe
With your unique vibe