Do it

‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.’

– Bruce Lee

1. To do something you want to do, do it.

That sounds redundant and stupid. But really, this is real talk.

Want to produce a song? Do it.
Want to run a 10k? Do it.
Want to get that body that you want? Do it.
Want to ask that girl you like out? Do it.
Want to go make a website for your passion? Do it.

Those are some things that I’ve thought about doing and actually have done. They might not be impressive comparing them to what other people have already been achieving, but what matters is that I actually did what I wanted to do.

2. You can never really know how life could be if you don’t actually go do it.  

Whatever “it” is. You have your own life and things you want to happen in that life. Thinking about them or knowing about them isn’t going to change your life. It will only make you regret when you end up not doing it at all.

3. Doing is how you really learn, how you really know.

You can read all the books about riding a bicycle, but you don’t really learn how to ride a bicycle. You have to ride the bicycle. To be able to understand something thoroughly, you must engage it in the most concrete way possible.

What is the use of accumulating information inside our heads? Is an accumulation of information what you would really call learning? You are conscious being with a body. This body is used to interact with the things around you. If life was used just to think and wonder, what’s the use of a body?

It’s that simple, really. Want to learn something? To truly learn something? Get involved with it.

Do. Apply. Experience.

Then you will learn it in a way that is not just an accumulation of knowledge, but a knowing in the most alive sense.

You don’t just know about it in your mind. But you know it in your mind, heart, and body.

You know it with your whole being.

4. Doing things is the expression of who you are.

All of us have the innate desire to express what our intentions are, to create and express our individuality.

You can intend to do things. You can have the best of intentions. But those intentions are useless if we don’t even at least try to express them through what we do.

Intending to do is not doing. Not doing is not expressing who you are.

Try. Do. Express.

5. You will be known for what you have done.

People don’t know what you were thinking about unless you did something about it.

People don’t know how you feel unless you showed it in your deeds.

People don’t know who you are unless you expressed it through your actions.

If you want to be remembered a certain way, then make sure you go do the things that will make you be remembered in that way.

 6. Doing is much more fun.

Which is more fun – reading about skydiving or skydiving yourself?

Well, not all of us would be too extreme, but doing is more fun than just thinking about it or imagining it. Don’t be a spectator or a speculator if you can be a experiencer. You won’t regret it. It’s much more fun.

Go out there and do. Do and have fun.

Do it.