The following is a poem I made for the love of my life:

Give me a minute in love with you
Than a thousand days without
I will relish the precious few
‘Til the life in me gets snuffed out

To dwell with you in solitude
In silence or in tender speech
Erupts the deepest gratitude
From depths no mind can reach

Sands of time trickle continuously
Through the narrow space of an hourglass
Yet in feeling my love for thee
Pressures accumulate and amass

Behold, the glass breaks!
Timelessness ensues
Love so intense that it awakes
Deepest feelings and noblest virtues

Awake, aware, alive
Truly as one is
No desire nor need to contrive
Open as the greatest abyss

In this moment I am with you
In this moment you are with me
This is true
This is eternity