Are all things as important as others?

The plain and simple answer is no.

Think about it. There are things that are more important others. Those depend on what you value and treasure. But the question to ask is, are you acting accordingly?

You say family is more important than work? Then ask also, how much time are making available for your family? Yes, work is necessary to make a living and even provide for the family. But remember it is not only money your family and friends need, but your time.

Relative importance means giving relative effort to these things.

Simply put, the more important something is to you, then the more effort you should be putting into these things. Makes sense, right?

Is getting money more important than spending time with your loved ones?
Is getting that high score in your favourite video game more important than being able to make a living?
Is getting an A in that test more important than being able to spend time with your best friend?

We simply get so routinised that we can spend more time in things that don’t actually matter as much.

It’s normal. Sometimes we lose track of what the important things are in life.

I’m not saying that any of these things are bad. All of these things I mentioned are part of life. What I am doing is only reminding you that there are more important things and less important things.

What those things are, you decide. But make sure that you are spending your time and energy according to what you truly feel is important and what is not.


Spend more effort on what is more important.