Into your temple, my god

Another poem for my beloved:

To ring your high-pitched bell
And hear vibrations resonate
Through your valleys and your hills –
Pure joy we’ll celebrate

I stand upright and ready
Waiting on your call
To bid me to your sanctuary
And worship in those halls

With deepest reverence I abide
In your most sacred place
For not all men can come inside.
You’ve given me this precious grace

So I stay in this your temple
Not worshipping in others
My devotion to you – immovable
Only in your altars do I experience wonders

In other temples I shall find
Soulless offering and libation
Yet in your temples are every kind
Of joyous gift and heartfelt celebration

So I shall worship at your temple
Offering my tears, sweat, and blood
My devotion is childlike and simple
I wish for your joy to flood

I will not seek any other god
You are the one I choose
At your beauty, I’m always awed
You are my only muse