On Words and Love

my heart smiles
so broadly
my lips
cannot follow

Love is
it cannot speak

in its fullness
Love is
beyond language

a fire
burning deep
burning bright

hidden from
fleshly sight

every mystic’s
true delight

i wish to speak
of Love

yet words
are not

a small
cannot contain
the ocean

so do
cannot express

Complete in the Tao

I alone am incomplete.
Only the Tao is complete.

Like a cell in a body
Like a tree in a forest
Like a wave in the ocean
Like a star in the universe

So am I to the Tao.

The Tao is mother and father and I am its child.

Yet the Tao is beyond all these I’ve said.


The drop in the ocean realized its incompleteness.
It was merely a drop in the ocean.
In seeing its incompleteness, it saw completeness.
It became the ocean in a drop.