What is the Absolute?

The Absolute is the eternal, changeless, constant, universal, perfect, infinite, and beyond. The Absolute is the principle to which you are striving for. It is what determines what is right and wrong, what is good and bad.

So why talk about this Absolute?

Because faith in an Absolute is necessary to make sense of your life.

For without this Absolute, there will be no standard as to which you can measure your life. If there is no Absolute, then there is no good or bad. There is no difference whether you give life or take it away. Without an Absolute, then being the noblest saint and the wickedest murderer has no difference.

There will be nothing to which you are striving for. There is no principle by which you can see if there is any meaning in your life. Life just becomes absurd.

Faith in the Absolute is like gravity that pulls your feet to the ground, so that you may see what is above and what is below.

You need an Absolute. It gives you a coherent view in which you can see life.

For me, I believe in the Absolute. And it is the simplest.

The Absolute is Love.

So in striving for the Absolute of Love, I strive to love more and more. Simple. Even those who don’t know the word love know this.

Like infants. They feed from their mothers’ breasts. They are smiled at. They are gently touched. They are played with. They smile back. They give back a loving embrace. They look upon those who care for them fondly.

We all know intuitively what Love is. I don’t talk just about an emotion that comes and goes. I talk about the stable, constant, and universal force that binds things together. I talk about Love as the highest good to which we can strive for, but cannot realize completely.

You know what it is, right?

So this is my account of what the Absolute is.

Our relationship to the Absolute is asymptotic. We can ever keep closer yet never quite reach it. Our finitude tries to grasp Infinity. So we just keep on growing in love. Ad infinitum.

It is in our every day finite and relative experiences of relationships, in loving people, that we can grasp Infinity and the Absolute. Through our love.

Simply put, the more I love, the more I am fulfilling my purpose, striving towards the Absolute.


What is your Absolute?