You have limits.

Your body is limited.
Your energy is limited.
Your time is limited.
Your life is limited.

Yet in that limitedness lies a greatness that no god can ever hope to have, because the life of the gods can be taken for granted because it is unlimited.

What is limited is precious.

That is the greatness of limitedness that men have. Your life is precious because it is limited. But are we really appreciating how we use our limitedness? If not, how can we?


Know yourself.

As you know yourself more, you keep the things and people in your life that actually matter to you. Then take away those that don’t. As each day goes by and you grow in your self-knowledge, life becomes less, and in being less it becomes more.

You know the things the bring you deepest joy.
And the things that don’t.

Appreciating your limitedness, you focus your time and energy more and more in things that actually matter to you, people that actually matter to you.

All the rest slowly fall away.

The focused light is what burns, the diffused light does not.

To know yourself is also to know your limits.

We may want to learn about many things, but we can only really learn a few things, and fewer things well.
We may want to to do many things, but we can only really do a few things, and fewer things well.
We may want to know many people, but we can only really know a few people, and fewer people well.

It is in knowing your limits that you can truly create the greatness of focusing on the few that is much.

Not many, but much.

Yes, you cannot do many things. You can only do a few things with your limitedness.

But just because something is many, does that immediately make it better?

In focusing on those few things in your life that you have realized are important to you, you do much as you put your whole being into these things.

I would rather do few but much, than many but little.


What are you doing with your limitedness?